Galaxy Tab 10.1 (SHW-M380W) – Root / Busybox / RAM Optimization

Recently I got my hands on a shiny new (yes, white) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – the model here appears to be SHW-M380W, which is the Korean Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI.

I’ve started to enjoy the company of this little device – with VMWare View and other stuff on it. I also started noticing with some load on it, the home screen with the TouchWiz UX side of things seems to get slower and slower, ultimately requiring that extra touch in Managing Applications section under my little Android 3.1 device to close a few of them off and reclaim RAM back to return it’s performance back to a somewhat usable level. The only other option was to reboot the thing, but being a strong Apple user, this seemed a little too cumbersome for my liking.

Juwe11 (Kudos to this folk!) over at XDA has brought up a fantastic script that seems to easy the pain to a certain level – by setting certain /proc and VM related parameters after the shiny little Android device has been fully booted up.

Then it got me to think – why not package the whole thing together – not just the root part of it, not just the Busybox part of it – but package up something that includes the script in the package that people can just run, once my “too-cool-for-school” device has been powered up.

The result? Why don’t you try it yourself?

  1. Download the required files here.
  2. Push the to a location safe on the /sdcard section (c:\adb push /sdcard/Download).
  3. Power your Galaxy Tab off.
  4. Press both the Power and the Volume Down (the left side of the volume button) and wait until you go past the Galaxy Tab logo, where you will be greeted with two icons, the left one with a smaller Android with a small little opened boxed with an arrow, another with a slightly larger Android and has the word “Downloading…” flashing (if you have a I/O tab, you probably won’t have the recovery access, so this whole article doesn’t work for you).
  5. Press the Volume Down to select the icon on the left. If you have pressed it twice, that’s ok – just press it once more to select the left icon again. Then press the Volume Up button, which selects it.
  6. Once you are welcomed by the Android Recovery <3e> menu, select “Apply from sdcard” by using the Volume Buttons, then choose the menu by pressing the Power Button.
  7. Go to the desired folder – mine was in the Download folder – press the Power Button again, and do the same for the actual file.
  8. Let the installation pass, and once you’re back in the main menu – hit reboot.
  9. Once you have rebooted into the tab, go to your Market – install the Free version of Android Terminal Emulator
  10. Once your in the emulator, type “su” and enter – Superuser.apk will ask for your acceptable of the command.
  11. Type “/system/xbin/” and note the difference from there on.
  12. Upon every reboot / battery discharge, you must repeat steps 10 and 11.

Unfortunately, my little tab suffered from recovery mode screen flickering when a custom recovery (such as CM7 or something) has been flashed through ODIN. I’m looking at ways to fixing it, but appears the only choice I have is to wait for a patch on the bootloader. Until then, my zippier Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now somewhat “multi-taskable” compared to when the script was never ran. If in doubt you need to pull out of it for whatever reason – download the unrooting and deleting the files tool here, and repeat from steps 2 until 8 (I would say keep it tough… :D)

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Remember the days when you were young?

Do you remember the days when you were young? I was probably a slightly younger in the late 80’s to the early 90’s and remember rushing home to watch my favorite children shows – well, cartoons – that I set to record at around the “3:30pm” time on my VCR – the land down under’s Children’s prime time thing… 😀

My favourite channels usually had either TMNT:

or Transformers on (yes, He-Man was one, but I just couldn’t stand the “transforming tiger”). And our el-cheapo VCR had readily recorded them when I got home.

These days, I see more of the super-duper version of these cartoons in a movie form. One movie company did TMNT in a more Final Fantasy type; Transformers directed by one of probably the greater movie directors and computer graphics wizards in the world. I even see my old favourite Karate Kid – remade by a famous actor’s son (although I’d probably call it KungFu Kid, not Karate Kid). Given though that these movies are rated “Parental Guidance” required, I’m not so sure if I should let children watch these or not.

So then it got me thinking: I’m a pre-dad waiting for my kid to arrive soon and I had to ask myself; “I had my favourite shows when I was a kid – will my children enjoy the same type of shows I did? Will they even appreciate where these not-so-old movies came from?”

Only time will tell… 😀

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Where do we start….

I’ve been out of the whole blogging for quite some time… I’m lazy, I’m probably a little too busy and most of all I don’t really know what I want to write about.

There are times though that I just wish I could really do with letting the world know what matters in life, IT and others.

I’m a dedicated IT professional and wanted to start this blog by calling out to those – who really like to talk about what really matters in both life and IT.

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