Remember the days when you were young?

Do you remember the days when you were young? I was probably a slightly younger in the late 80’s to the early 90’s and remember rushing home to watch my favorite children shows – well, cartoons – that I set to record at around the “3:30pm” time on my VCR – the land down under’s Children’s prime time thing… 😀

My favourite channels usually had either TMNT:

or Transformers on (yes, He-Man was one, but I just couldn’t stand the “transforming tiger”). And our el-cheapo VCR had readily recorded them when I got home.

These days, I see more of the super-duper version of these cartoons in a movie form. One movie company did TMNT in a more Final Fantasy type; Transformers directed by one of probably the greater movie directors and computer graphics wizards in the world. I even see my old favourite Karate Kid – remade by a famous actor’s son (although I’d probably call it KungFu Kid, not Karate Kid). Given though that these movies are rated “Parental Guidance” required, I’m not so sure if I should let children watch these or not.

So then it got me thinking: I’m a pre-dad waiting for my kid to arrive soon and I had to ask myself; “I had my favourite shows when I was a kid – will my children enjoy the same type of shows I did? Will they even appreciate where these not-so-old movies came from?”

Only time will tell… 😀

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